Photo A Day Challenge - Shoes

Feb 23, 12 - Shoes
These are the first pair of 'casual' shoes I have committed to in years! I found them for a great price boxing day and am in love~!!!


Photo A Day Chellenge - Where I work

Feb 22, 12 - Where I work
Love the character of this old building :) So pretty!!

Photo A Day Challenge - A fave photo of ME

Feb 21, 12 - A fave photo of me!
Me at about the age of 2.5 with Eva, my favorite dog ever! One day I will own a dog like her.


Photo A Day Challenge - Handwriting

Phew....finally all caught up on my photos!! :) Join in and take some photos of your own or check out other's at fatmumslim's blog!

Feb 20, 12 - Handwriting
When I was about 12 I taught myself to hand write backwards, why you ask? Cause I saw it on Sally Jesse R. and I thought it was the neatest thing ever! I even wrote an essay in High school all backwards called "My backwards views on when you officially become an adult". (A+ baby!!!!) So here is a small sample :)

Photo A Day Challenge - Something I hate to do.

Feb 19, 12 - Something I hate to do
Something I hate to do is set my morning alarm for work...I dislike walking up to a beeping noise every work day.

Photo A Day Challenge - Drink

Feb 18, 12 - Drink
My favorite evening drink is my "Winter refresh" tea.

Photo A Day Challenge - Time

Feb 17, 12 - Time
'Time' for my weekly adjustment :)